Ivanhoe Grammer

“As someone who is passionate about road safety ( a former defensive driving instructor). I was interested in mDS for students at my school as it facilitates key skills and coordination in a safe environment before stepping into a vehicle.  Also, importantly, it provides an avenue for parents and family members to have open and … Read More

Chris Murray, Senior School Coordinator – Berendale

“the mDS program was presented to a group of 15 Berendale students – ranging from Year 9 – 12.  The students were engaged and enjoyed the program, and we have installed two (2) permanent stations for the students to continue their simulation training on site.  The program provided realistic demonstration of the cognitive skills required … Read More

Maria Russel, Teacher

“As a teacher I think that mDS is a fantastic resource.  It simulates actual driving situations that allow students to practise skills before they get into a vehicle.”